Bom Sabado! Orkut is now under attack with a new spam-virus! Please stay away....

Today I recieved many scraps from my friends saying that "Bom Sabado!". I just called my friends and asked what it is...
They dont know anything anything., then i started googling to get the details of that scrap.
Finally I found that its a new virus-spam in orkut. Its a worm stealing Orkut and Google accounts’ cookies and automatically posting scraps. It also automatically makes you join some communities.

Here are some few tips to escape from this hacking:

1) If you get that scrap from your friends, please dont visit your friend's profile. It may stole your cookies your account will be used to post scraps.

2) If you have visited any of your friend's infected profile and now your profile is also get infected, then first check if you have been joined some communities automatically, if yes,and remove them. Then close Orkut. immediately. Then change your Google account’s password, security question, secondary email and mobile number. This will prevent you from the hacking.

3)Clear your cookies/cache, then you will get an ‘Automated Query’ message. Don’t hustle about that.

4)Just logout from your account, if you cant logout. Click here.

5)Just forget about Orkut, until this problem is solved. I will try to update this post when the issue is resolved.

Stay Away.... Be Safe....!!!


A trick to make fun with your friend.

All of us like to make fun with our friends, as i do.
I like to make small viruses and give to my friends. Most of the viruses i made is tested in my friends computers'.
I am thankful to my friends for this.  Last weak i was searching for the command to eject CD drive and to turn off the monitor.
At the end of my 1 day searching, i got both the codes. Immediately i made a product with that codes.
And that application will turn the monitor off and eject the CD drives simultaneously.
You can download the file from here and give to your friend and have a fun.
You can change its icon with the help of the software called 'Icon changer'.