Bluetooth hacker.

All of us like to see the files on our friend's mobile phone.
but most of our friends will not allow us to do so.
here is an application thats helps you to see the files on your friends mobile phone.
All you want is a bluetooth connection...

Medieval softaware is an mobile application that helps the user to browse, explore and manage files of any Bluetooth ready device.
Download, upload, explore, search, edit, create, delete and rename files and folders on your phone, PDA, palm, notebook, PC, photo viewer, music player and so on; using an easy, fast and intuitive user-interface (GUI). Transfer or delete many files and entire folders at once, with a single keypress, using the multiple selection feature. Search files across filesystems, using rapid and customisable parameters. Explore hidden files, or make your personal data private and/or read-only, using the attributes editor (local filesystem only). Cut, copy and paste files and folder across filesystems.

Main features:
    * Works on almost all phone models with MIDP 2.0 and CLDC 1.1 support, using a single JAR file;
    * Easy to use, fast and straightforward user-interface (GUI), powered by Medieval GUI system;
    * Complete touch-screen support with built-in "double click" event implemented;
    * Shortcut keys improves user usability and speed-up your GUI experience;
    * You can create, extract and manage ZIP / TAR / GZ / JAR / THM / NTH / UTZ files easily (local filesystem only);
    * Unique fullscreen mode (press [0] key), to remove top/bottom bars and enlarge working area;
    * Cool and intuitive menu system (press [7] or [MENU] key) to execute extended functionality;
    * Multiple files and folders selection (press [#] or [*] key), to transfer/delete many items at once;
    * Select all, Select none and invert selection options available;
    * Search files rapidly and accurately, on both local and Bluetooth filesystems, using customisable parameters;
    * Navigate on both local and Bluetooth filesystem using a single keypress (press [5] or [FIRE] key);
    * Download/upload items from/to any device with OBEX FTP support (almost on all phone models);
    * You can also send files using OBEX OPP profile (available on all phone models with Bluetooth);
    * Ability to cut/copy and paste files between devices and/or to manage local filesystem;
    * Edit file or folder attributes to enable or disable READ, WRITE and HIDDEN status flags;
    * Open/view the content of some files using the internal viewer (both local and Bluetooth filesystems);
    * Powerful internal image viewer with zoom in & zoom out features using a fast and smooth scale filter;
    * You can open text, image, audio and video files with the internal viewer;
    * Get files and folders informations on both local and Bluetooth devices;
    * Create new folders on both local and Bluetooth filesystem;
    * Rename items or get volume informations (local filesystem only);
    * You can add or remove a memory storage, without closing the program;
    * Search for any nearby Bluetooth device and read its informations;
    * Bookmark list allows you to save your favorite device without searching it again;
    * Very long file and folder names are scrolled on the screen using marquee technique;
    * Integrated help system that shows the "A-B-C" of this product;
    * Built-in error system with detailed explanation message;
    * Signed with both VeriSign and Thawte certificates;
    * Multi-language user interface.

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Try this application and enjoy...


5 things that i should remember, when i start a blog...

1) Blog's name: Your blogs name should be attractive and easy to remember. So that the visitors have no need to note your blogs name anywhere.

2) Blog's theme: As the name of your blog, your blog theme should also be attractive. Try to use light themes, so that the visitors can load your blog very easily.

3) Blog's Gadgets: There are lot of gadgets in the blogspot that can be applied to our blog. but don't try to apply the whole to your blog, the loading time of your blog will increase, if you do so.
try to add a blog search gadget to your blog, so that the visitor can find your articles very easily...

4) Blog's Content: The contents of your blog should be true and attractive. If any of your post is bad, you better try to avoid that post from your blog.
Try to write articles by yourself, don't copy the whole contents from other posts.

5)Comments: Always allow the visitors to leave a comment there, whatever the comment may be.
Try to solve the problem or clear the doubts of visitors in that very day itself.


Mobile phone software hanged........?

Hanging of mobile phone softwares is a normal case. These may be because of the huge cotent loaded in the phone or may be due to viruses or threads.
Even phones of more than 256mb may stuck. This may be because of the overloaded running applications. Most of the people restart the phone by re-putting the battery in this case.
But this method is not good for the phone. The best thing is to wait for the phone to respond, but this will take a long time. There is an easy way to solve this problem.
Just call the hanged phone from any other phone. Then the problem will be solved.
Just try this trick...



This Kit contains the essential components to build a low
voltage, high power stereo 3W amplifier module using the
Rohm 12V Dual Power Amplifier, BA5406. Not included are
speakers or speaker cables. This is not only to save weight
in the Kit but also because such items are often a matter of
personal preference by the user. Some users may choose to
spend money to buy the top quality speaker cables,
connectors and speakers. While others may have all these
items already in their junk box
The kit is constructed on single-sided printed circuit
boards. Protel Autotrax & Schematic were used.

Add the lowest height components to the board first - the
resistors. Be careful to get the electrolytic capacitors in the
correct way around. The positive lead is marked on the
overlay. The negative lead is marked on the body of each
capacitor. The four MPE (metallized polyester) capacitors
can go in either way around. You can use your own
heatsink if less than 8 oC/W. Never operate the amplifier
without a heatsink attached.
The following items have to be supplied by you:
·  suitable 3, 4 or 8 ohm speakers
·  suitable cables
Solder the power & audio cables direct to the pads
provided on the PCB.

The BA5406 contains two sets of AF power amplifiers. It
delivers 5W x 2 into 3 ohm loads with a 12V supply. It has
minimal power-on pop noise and has immunity to supply
voltage drop. It also has minimal RF radiation.
Recommended supply voltage: 5-15V max. Typical 12V.
Ideally the power supply should be able to deliver over
2.5Amps. This means that a typical ‘cheap’ plugin power supply (wall wart) will not be good enough. The power
supply leads should be as short as possible. Quiescent
current 20-70mA, typically 40mA.

Resistors 1/2W or 1W carbon film, 5%:
2R2 red red gold R3 R4 ...........2
120R brown red brown R1 R2 ..........2
0.22uF, 224 MPE C1 C2 C11 C12............. 4
47uF/16V ecap C3 C4 C5 C6 C7 C8.............. 6
470uF/16V ecap C9 C10 ...........2
Heatsink HS-210 ...............1
12mm screw & nut................. 2sets
BA5406 IC ................1
K90 PCB .................1


The Nokia 7070 Prism is a flip phone that is rather affordable and presentable.

The Nokia 7070 Prism is a flip phone that is rather affordable and presentable. It is available at the price of $80.
The Nokia 7070 Prism comes in a flip design. It is rather smart and nice with its individual style. The color scheme provides a black casing with a pink or blue incrustation. When you open the phone, it shows a keyboard with diamond cut shaped keys on it. The Prism’s keypad is tactile and easy to dial and type. We have not had the errors while inputting text and dialing numbers. The display of the Nokia 7070 Prism provides a 1.8-inch TFT screen that supports 65K hues, the screen resolution makes up 128 x 160 pixels. The display shows bright and natural colors, its graphics is sharp and vibrant. The size of Nokia 7070 Prism compiles 87.5mm x 44mm x 15.8mm. The phone is lightweight and compact, it provides a comfortable feel when you hold the phone in your hand. The Prism easily fits into the pocket.
There are a number of other features in the Nokia 7070 Prism. They include Currency Converter 11, Dictionary, To Do List, calculator, alarm, voice recorder, speaker phone, phone book for 1,000 contacts and so on.
The messaging service of the Nokia 7070 Prism is quite usual including text messaging (SMS), multi-media messaging (MMS) and messaging though e-mail. There is an opportunity of audio messaging.
What concerns the Internet connection, the 7070 Prism has a WAP 2.0 web browser with XHTML. The built EDGE of the Prism technology gives you an opportunity to transfer the data quickly via the GPRS technology. The phone has a Dual-band network.
The Prism offers Java MIDP 2.0 games for entertainment. The battery life of the phone makes up 5 hours of talk time and 20 days of stand-by time.
The Nokia 7070 Prism is a standard cell phone with a standard set of features that comes at an affordable price.


What is safe mode?

What is safe mode?
Safe mode is a troubleshooting option for Windows that starts your computer in a limited state.
Only the basic files and drivers necessary to run Windows are started.
The words Safe Mode appear in the corners of your monitor to identify which Windows mode you're using.
If an existing problem doesn't reappear when you start in safe mode,
you can eliminate the default settings and basic device drivers as possible causes.
If you don't know the cause of the problem,
you can use the process of elimination to help you find the problem.
Try starting all of the programs you commonly use, including the programs in your Startup folder,
one by one to see if a program might be the cause of the problem.
If your computer automatically starts in safe mode without prompting,
 a problem with your computer might be preventing Windows from starting normally.
If you think the cause of the problem might be a recently installed program or device,
try using Recovery in Control Panel.


Why should I create themes?

The market for mobile content is expanding rapidly as consumers seek more personalisation options for their mobile devices. Themes enable users to publicly declare their passions: The possibilities — such as displaying a beautiful image or showing support for a favourite sports team — are bounded only by the imagination.

For businesses, themes offer opportunities for promotion and building brand awareness. A theme can be used to create a fully branded user experience, in which corporate identity permeates all aspects of a consumer's mobile phone use.

It's easy to start creating themes. Theme creation requires very little new learning — a person who already creates digital content probably has the right skills to create impressive graphics and audio for themes. Best of all, both versions of the Carbide.ui tool, which are used to create theme packages, are available free of charge.


Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition is a powerful and reliable solution for protecting corporate mobile users from malicious programs, SMS spam and Internet attacks that target mobile platforms. It also provides protection for confidential data stored on a smartphone should the device be lost or stolen.

Why is it necessary to protect corporate smartphones? Mission-critical business data can be damaged or stolen by malware written especially for smartphones. A smartphone can fall victim to Internet attacks when downloading information from the Internet. Infected mobile devices can be used to penetrate the network perimeter of a corporate IT system. The loss or theft of a smartphone means that sensitive corporate information is in the hands of a stranger. In addition, SMS spam causes much inconvenience.

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition 7.0 is designed to help companies mitigate those risks. It combines Kaspersky Lab’s latest technologies for mobile platforms with extensive experience in combating malware, hacker attacks and spam. The solution provides comprehensive protection for corporate smartphones and the data stored on them. Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition integrates closely with Kaspersky Administration Kit, giving the system administrator centralized control over high-level protection on any network node, be it a file server, workstation or mobile device.
Easy to deploy

Kaspersky Mobile Security Enterprise Edition can be installed from one point by a single system administrator regardless of the number of mobile device users in an organization, and even if those users are located in branch offices or abroad on business trips. Installation can be performed in two ways: via a PC using Microsoft ActiveSync or Nokia PC Suite, or via SMS by sending a link to the package and the configuration from the Administration Console using GSM Modem.
Flexible administration

In the event of a virus epidemic or simply the threat of a virus infection, the system administrator can change the mobile device security parameters for all users, or for a specific group. Some or all changes made to the settings by users can be blocked and the system administrator’s settings enforced in a security policy.
Complete control

Whether the user is in the office or overseas, you always have full control over their mobile device’s security. When a device has Internet access, it automatically establishes a connection with the server, receives updates and applies any new policies enforced by the system administrator.

The system administrator can receive information about any mobile device at any time. This includes the date of the most recent connection to Kaspersky Administration Kit, the status of antivirus and anti-spam protection, as well as reports from the Anti-Theft and Firewall modules.


Anti-Theft protection. To protect corporate data stored on a smartphone if it is lost or stolen, a user or system administrator can block the smartphone or delete files, messages, and the list of contacts remotely. The user can also find out who the “new owner” of the lost device is.

    * SMS Block. If a smartphone is lost, the user can send a “hidden SMS message” to the original SIM card. Access to the smartphone will be blocked until a pre-set password is entered.
    * SMS Clean. This function is similar to the SMS Block feature, but instead of blocking the smartphone it cleans the device’s memory.
    * SIM Watch. If a smartphone is stolen, the “new owner” will most likely immediately replace the original SIM card. The SIM Watch function will prevent the “new owner” from accessing any personal data without the initial SIM card inserted in the device. If the initial SIM card is replaced with a new one, the SMS Watch function will send the original user the new telephone number of the device without the “new owner’s” knowledge.

Antivirus protection. Kaspersky Mobile Security provides real-time anti-malware scanning of all incoming files and connections to keep you free of malicious programs. The system administrator can pre-set the best time for antivirus scanning and it will be performed automatically. If an infected object is detected and cannot be disinfected, it is stored in the quarantine folder or deleted.

Firewall. The system administrator can select one of the integrated IP firewall protection levels. Depending on the level selected, one or more restrictions will be applied to provide user security.

Anti-Spam for SMS. Telephone numbers of known spam sources, sender names, unwanted words or phrases can be added to a blacklist to ensure that such messages are always blocked. The user can also add addresses from the contact list to a whitelist.

Automatic updates. Antivirus databases are updated automatically at intervals set by the system administrator. Updates are available via WAP/HTTP (GPRS, EDGE, Wi-Fi, etc.) or via a PC.
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