Thursday, December 16, 2010

Delete undeletable Files

I like to spend my month end to sort, clean and arrange the data in my PC. Most of the times I delete more than 2 GB files in one go. I always like to delete unused and unwanted files from my PC as my 320 GB hard disk is not enough for me. And most of the times when I try to delete items from the C drive, I can’t delete some.

Some days before, i got a new trick to delete undeletable files and is 100% working in all Operating Systems.

Follow the steps to delete undeletable files.

1) Open command prompt and leave it open.

2) Open Task Manager and kill the process 'explorer.exe' from the process tab

3) Leave the Task Manager open.

4) In the command prompt window, type 'del /y ' and hit enter.

5) Go back to Task Manager, click File, New Task and enter explorer.exe to start the GUI shell.

Now you can see that the undeletable file is deleted. There are many ways to delete undeletable files, and I suggest this because, it’s the easiest method to do it. Some undeletable files can’t be deleted by this method. I will share a few tricks to delete that types of files, in my coming chapters.

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