Eject all the drives with one click.

Normally we eject our CDs by pushing the eject button in our CD/DVD drive.
Its a little tough to eject all the drives if we have more than one drives.
I have a program that ejects all the drives in one click.
It help the user to eject all the possible CD/DVD drives with in one click.
After Opening user will be given some time to put the CD/DVD disk into the tray.
That application will un-ejects the drives also.
You can get that application from here.
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Forget about your keyboard.

Windows operating system comes with an inbuilt virtual keyboard also known as 'On Screen Keyboard'.
Most of the windows users dont know about that application.
Its a very useful and funny inbuilt application in windows.
I have just created an application to start that 'On Screen Keyboard'.
You can download it here.
Just run it and forget about your keyboard.


Start Sound recorder with a single click

Sound recorder is an useful application in windows OS.
But its little hard to find that application.
I like to record sounds with that default application by windows.
As its difficult to find, I have created a small application that starts the default Sound recorder in Windows.
You can download it here.

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Restart eplorer.exe with Explorer Restart

We all know that our Operating System jams mainly because our explorer.exe crashes.
Just restarting the explorer.exe will help you to escape from that trouble.
Normally, we end the process explorer.exe from the task manager> processes.
But it needed little bit time to end and start explorer.exe in that way.
With that concept of restarting explorer.exe, i have created an application that restarts the explorer.exe within seconds...
I think , this application will be helpful to you too...
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You can download it here...


Print Current Sceen with Screen Shooter

Most of you may not be aware of the use of 'PrintScreen' button in our keyboard.
On clicking that button, the current screen that we see in our monitor will be copied to the clipboard.
And we can paste it in any image editor to get an output in any image format.
But it will take minutes.
I have created a new application to take the screen shot of the current screen.
Advantage of this application is that, there is no need to paste the image from the clipboard to any image editors to get an image file.
The program itself will create a png image of the current screen.
It's installation is silent.
You can take ScreenShots by just typing 'ss' without quotes in the run command.
You can download this application from here.

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Kill the current .bat execution with CMD Killer.

As you all may know that, a batch file is a text file containing a series of commands intended to be executed by the command interpreter.
Batch files are useful for running a sequence of executables automatically and are often used to automate repetitive or tedious processes.
DOS batch files have the filename extension .bat.

On clicking the batch file, the commands saved in the batch file will be executed, and sometimes the commands saved in the batch file will be dangerous.
There are batch commands to format all drives in PCs.
If we click on that type of files, its necessary to stop the execution of that batch file.
I have created a small application to stop the execution of the current running batch file.
As this application kills the CMD, I named this application as "CMD Killer".
I made it because, its a very useful application to me, because most of the times i work with batch files.
I think this application will be useful to you too.
You can download this small application from here.

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Multiple Google Talk with one click.

Hai friends....

In my previous post i have shared you a trick to take Multiple Google talk. But i got some comments that , it was little bit difficult to do that.
So friends, now I have a new trick to do the same.
First you download this small application from here.
Then copy that application to the folder 'Windows' in the C drive.
Thats all you want to do.
Now you can take google talk by run command.
Just click windows+R to take run dialog box.
Then type 'gt' without quotes. and hit enter.

Note: Google Talk should be installed in your PC before trying this trick.