Monday, May 24, 2010

5 things that i should remember, when i start a blog...

1) Blog's name: Your blogs name should be attractive and easy to remember. So that the visitors have no need to note your blogs name anywhere.

2) Blog's theme: As the name of your blog, your blog theme should also be attractive. Try to use light themes, so that the visitors can load your blog very easily.

3) Blog's Gadgets: There are lot of gadgets in the blogspot that can be applied to our blog. but don't try to apply the whole to your blog, the loading time of your blog will increase, if you do so.
try to add a blog search gadget to your blog, so that the visitor can find your articles very easily...

4) Blog's Content: The contents of your blog should be true and attractive. If any of your post is bad, you better try to avoid that post from your blog.
Try to write articles by yourself, don't copy the whole contents from other posts.

5)Comments: Always allow the visitors to leave a comment there, whatever the comment may be.
Try to solve the problem or clear the doubts of visitors in that very day itself.

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