Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Security vulnerability on www.cee-kerala.org.

www.cee-kerala.org is a Kerala website which gives entrance details and an option to download admin card. admin card is a simple .pdf file that contains details of the student and the details of exam and exam centre. Day before yesterday when i searched for ma friend's admin card, i noticed that there is no enough security for the entrance student's details. Anyone can download anyone's admin card from there. Admin card contains the full address of the student and a passport size photo.
As anyone can easily download any admin card card, how secure is our photo and address there..? By generating random admin card download links, all the admin cards can be downloaded from there with in two or three hours.
Everyday, lots of Indian websites are being attacked and hacked by Pakistani and Chinese hackers. If the security of data in sites are this much low, no need of them, Kerala people are more than enough.

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Benz said...

life without walls....
expect beyond this...!!!