Tuesday, July 19, 2011

ANAS autorun creator.

'ANAS autorun Creator' is a freeware tool coded myself to make autorun files easily.
Its a portable application, so that theres no need to install it. The application has two input boxes and one button. One input box is to take the name of the icon from the user, while other one is to take the name of the .exe file.(optional)
Its very easy to use this application.

You just give the input in the input boxes (second one is optional) and hit the create button. Then an 'autorun.inf' file will be created in the same path directory of  ''ANAS autorun Creator".

Just copy and paste this 'autorun.inf' file to the removable storage media with the icon file.
You are done...! Replug the removable storage media, and you can see that the icon is changed.!

You can download ANAS autorun Creator from here.

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