Friday, April 30, 2010

Forget about your downloads...

Forget about your downloads...

We all have our own interests and hobbies, some are interested in music, some in films, some in softwares, and so on...
We have to download the files we like, as we will not get all things from others. Sometimes we are not interested in sitting front of or PC also.
Here the use of Free Download Manager(FDM) comes.
This software has more speed than the ordinary browsers. It also helps in resuming broken downloads.
FDM accelerates downloads by splitting files into sections and then downloading them simultaneously. As a result download speed increases up to 600%, or even more! FDM can also resume broken downloads so you needn`t start downloading from the beginning after casual interruption.
This download utility is surprisingly attractive and full-featured for a freeware product, and its operation couldn't be more straightforward. To download a file, just click a link in your browser or drag it onto the program's tiny, semitransparent window.

In our comparison tests, Free Download Manager beat out Opera's download manager 85Kbps to 53Kbps. Its automation features also are very good. Like other managers, it can automatically dial a modem, start a download, or shut down the PC. Unlike many of them, it also can change the number of connections depending on download speed, or disconnect and shut down the computer if a file is unavailable.

If you want to boost your download speed for free, this utility is certainly worth a try.

Download FDM ver.3.0 build 852 (6,4 Mb, setup) here.

You can also download FDM Lite version
FDM Lite version requires less size and lacks some functions (BitTorrent support, video conversion and upload manager) that can be downloaded and installed as plugins later.
Download FDM Lite ver. 3.0 (2,1 Mb, setup) here.

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