Friday, April 2, 2010



As modern computer technology and communications tools develop,
hackers have more opportunities for spreading threats. Let?s take a closer look at them:
The Internet
The Internet is unique, since it is no one?s property and has no geographical borders.
In many ways, this has promoted the development of web resources and the exchange of information.
Today, anyone can access data on the Internet or create their own webpage. However,
these very features of the worldwide web give hackers the ability to commit crimes on the Internet,
and makes the hackers difficult to detect and punish.
Hackers place viruses and other malicious programs on Internet sites and disguise them as useful freeware.
In addition, scripts which are run automat-ically when certain web pages are loaded,
may perform hostile actions on your computer by modifying the system registry,
retrieving your personal da-ta without your consent, and installing malicious software.
By using network technologies, hackers can attack remote PCs and compa-ny servers.
Such attacks may result in a resource being disabled or used as part of a zombie network,
and in full access being gained to a resource and any information residing on it.
Lastly, since it became possible to use credit cards and e-money through the Internet in online stores,
auctions, and bank homepages, online scams have become increasingly common.
Your intranet is your internal network, specially designed for handling infor-mation within a company or a home network.
An intranet is a unified space for storing, exchanging, and accessing information for all the computers on the network.
Therefore, if any one network host is infected, other hosts run a significant risk of infection.
To avoid such situations, both the network peri-meter and each individual computer must be protected.

Removable storage media

Removable media (floppies, CD/DVD-ROMs, and USB flash drives)
are widely used for storing and transmitting information.
Opening a file that contains malicious code and is stored on a removable storage device
can damage data stored on the local computer and spread the virus to the computer?s other drives or
other computers on the network.

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