Saturday, April 3, 2010

XPS Viewer

What is the XPS Viewer?

An XPS document is any file that is saved in the XML Paper Specification, or .xps, file format.
You can create XPS documents (.xps files) by using any program that you can print from in Windows;
however, you can only view XPS documents by using an XPS Viewer, such as the one included in this version of Windows.

When you click an XPS document, it opens automatically in the XPS Viewer.
There are several options for viewing and managing XPS documents in the XPS Viewer, including:

Saving a copy of an XPS document to your computer

Searching the document for a word or phrase

Zooming in or out to make text and pictures easier to read

Digitally signing the XPS document

Determining who can access the document and for how long by applying document permissions

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