Saturday, April 3, 2010

Signs of Infection

Signs of Infection

There are a number of signs that a computer is infected.
The following events are good indicators that a computer is infected with a virus:
Unexpected messages or images appear on your screen or you hear unusual sounds;
The CD/DVD-ROM tray opens and closes unexpectedly;
The computer arbitrarily launches a program without your assistance;
Warnings pop up on the screen about a program attempting to access the Internet, even though you initiated no such action;

There are also several typical traits of a virus infection through email:
Friends or acquaintances tell you about messages from you that you never sent;
Your inbox houses a large number of messages without return addresses or headers.
It must be noted that these signs can arise from causes other than viruses.

For example, in the case of email,
infected messages can be sent with your return address but not from your computer.
There are also indirect indications that your computer is infected:
 Your computer freezes or crashes frequently; Your computer loads programs slowly;
You cannot boot up the operating system; Files and folders disappear or their contents are distorted;
The hard drive is frequently accessed (the light blinks);
The web browser (e.g., Microsoft Internet Explorer) freezes or behaves unexpectedly
(for example, you cannot close the program window).

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