Tuesday, April 13, 2010

No need to panic if your mobile phone gets dropped in water...

Hey.... Now, there is no need to panic if your mobile phone gets dropped in water or became wet because of the rain.
Be cool and follow these steps...

1st step : straight away get into action and remove every cover and detachable part you possibly can like memory card, crystal cover, the SIM card, battery and back cover, etc. Now use a tissue paper or a light cotton cloth to blot away water you can see inside of the phone and be sure to remove as much as you can.
Otherwise, all this water will start spreading and moving to other parts of the mobile and Valuable IC's may be damaged.

Your phone may work now if it was only submerged for a short period of time in water. If else folww these 2 steps also...

2nd step : Take a hairdryer and start drying your phone paying extra attention to the ICs, SIM & memory card slots, battery housing as this normally has small holes which allow air into the phone.

A warning: Don’t hold the hair dryer too close to the phone. Keep it at a distance whereby if you put your hand in front of the hair dryer it would not burn you. Bringing it closer could damage your phone’s electrical components and covers.

If 20-30 minutes of this doesn’t work – go to 3rd step.


3rd Step : By putting it in a warm dry place or in front of the fan, allow the water to slowly evaporate and escape through the holes in the phone by removing the covers and battery.

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