Monday, April 5, 2010

After the N & E series, nokia proudly released its X series phone X6.

Nokia X6

After the N & E series, nokia proudly released its X series phone X6. It is released along with its smaller sister the Nokia x3. Both these phones looks same.
It appears that the x series of phones is a development on the xpressmusic series.
The nokia x6 is a nice step up from the existing nokia 5800 xpressmIts slimmer than the 5800,
the Nokia x6 has modified one of the weaknesss of the 5800 and upgraded the in built camera to a 5 megapixel camera.
However the display screen is still 3.2” 640x360 pixel display as 5800 has.
When purchasing the Nokia x6 you can choose to have the normal version or the the version that “comes with music” allowing you unlimited music downloads.
The Nokia x6 comes with 32GB of non-expandable memory.
The Nokia X6 is a 3G phone with tri-band UMTS and support for HSDPA downloads at a maximum of 6 mbps.
Nokia promt it as a media player, being able to cope with almost all major video and audio formats.
There is a tv out port which helps you to share your data with TV & other monitering devices.
The web browser comes with Flash Lite support and the email client supports Microsoft Exchange and standard protocols.
The Nokia x6 is an S60 smart phone which does mean that new applications can be added in the future. Because of all these things we feel that the Nokia x6 is an improvement on the 5800.
We like its style and handability. The price tag might be a little too expensive for some.


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